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There are 1597 steps in the Empire State Building

We climb that over 15 times a week

We climb that over 15 times a week

lowered step height extended platform shock absorbing floor mat

With thousands of steps per shift, your legs and feet need a break whenever possible. Lowered step height, an extended platform and a shock absorbing floor mat will let you relax between steps and keep you fresh from the first pick to the last.

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A marathon is 26.2 miles

We walk that twice a week

Running a marathon is something that most people will never do in their lifetime, and you travel that distance twice a week. Don’t walk any more than you have to with advanced features that give you precise control of your truck to keep it at your side at all times.

Precision Pick allows operators to control speed & coast functions from pick-to-pick; both directions

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precision pick

2,000 lbs is a ton of weight

We lift 15 tons every shift

Lifting tons of weight every day is just another day at the office for you. But that weight can still take a toll on your body if you never get a chance to rest. Smart features and advanced technology let you relax in between picks and on long runs, saving your arms for the next rep.

smart cruise epas

Smart Cruise allows operators to relax throttle on long runs and Power assist steering reduces physical effort to reduce operator fatigue

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For the Yale Elite,
it's just another day

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